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The Age of Kingdoms draws to a close as the southern races of Calasia extend their reach into the regions of Free Callibri, announcing the dawn of the Age of Fire. Follow the Chronicles of Calasia, beginning with, “Where Dragons Lie”, a tale of tragedy and triumph, and the birth of a life long journey of personal definition for the Hollow Man, on his quest to uncover the elusive secrets of his nightmares, and lost memories that may lead him down a path of no return. Across the Greensward Plains of Callibri and into the crowded city of Zelia, he discovers parts of himself beyond his control, as time moves at an increasingly slower pace the closer he gets to living out his dreams of terror. All in the making of a man, and the shaping of the World of Calasia.


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Upcoming Series


“Wayward Knight”

“The Crossing”

“Fire and Ice”

“Battle of The Seven Towers”

“The Bonding”

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